Rio Anderson is a 17-year-old ballerina. This year she won a silver medal for her performance in the Youth America Grand Prix, the largest student ballet competition in the world. This also earned her acceptance to the Royal Ballet School in London. Rio was accepted to Harvard this year, but has chosen to live out one of her lifelong dreams of attending the Royal Ballet School.

Rio was much older than most girls are when they begin their training. Placed in a level 3 class with 11 year olds when she was 14, she got discouraged when many of the younger girls were more advanced than she was. Rio constantly felt like quitting, but seeing herself slowly improve was enough for her to continue.

Rio found that success can truly happen if you work at it and is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put forth. She was not near the top of her class when she began, but now she’s been accepted to one of the most elite ballet training schools in the world.

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