Thank you for your desire to collaborate with us!
There are just a few things you need to do to get started:

  1. Before you can upload your video we need to take care of some legal details which will give us the right to use your video on our site and other promotions. Go here to sign our Media Release form. Once you do that you will be redirected right back to this page to take the next steps.
  2. Shoot your video using these guidelines:
    • What should your video be about? Choose from one of our categories: Divine Intervention • Health: Body/Mind/Spirit • I am Passionate About… • I Rock Because… • I Think Big • My Courageous Moment • My Little Secret • My Mission Is • Positive Relationships • Success: Work/Career/Money
      go here to get some inspiration for each of the categories
    • Your video should be approximately 1 minute long
    • For best results use an external microphone or if you don;t have a microphone stand about 3 feet from the camera and speak directly at the camera. Shoot your video in a quiet environment.
    • Start off speaking by saying the name of your category, e.g., “I rock because…”
  3. Upload to You Tube – Once you shoot your video go here to get instructions on uploading to You Tube from various devices.
  4. Come back here and fill out this form: