Or, who is originally from Israel, is the manager of Seaview Lion Park, South Africa, where she looks after and trains dozens of lions and tigers. Seaview is an educational wildlife park offering educational experiences to the general public, volunteers, interns, apprentices and school children by way of guided tours, animal encounters, lectures and work experiences.

Or says, “People are scared of tigers because they are so powerful, but we train them to understand ‘no’. I never let them use their claws or teeth on me. I have only been scratched when they were tiny and knew no better.”
Speaking of three-month-old cubs Judah and Ruby, she says, “I live on site and spend four hours a day, seven days a week with the tigers. I have to replace their mother in every way when they are young; bottle feeding, walking, and even potty training.”

Or says, “At Seaview the tigers have trees to climb, bushes to hide in and a damn to swim. They are totally happy here – if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be breeding, eating and playing as often as they are. The illegal hunting of tigers in South Africa means these tigers are endangered. They have to stay here so we can keep up their gene pool. It is hoped some tigers will eventually be put back into the wild. I’d love to see that happen in my lifetime.”

Visit Or at: http://www.seaviewpredatorpark.com/