Janice Lennard is a certified instructor of ballet, yoga, tai chi, and pilates. At 77 years old she has been involved through study, practice, and instruction for over 65 years. Her early immersion in artistic expression through dance probably explains her ability to project an aura of positioning perfection, fulfillment of purpose, and sheer fun for the observer of her beautifully synchronized motion. With enchanting ease, grace, and warmth, Janice’s artistry captivates her audience with every musically infused movement.

By the age of 7 Janice was enrolled in dance class and at age 20 she moved to California, where she continued her dance education. In class she regularly danced alongside Alexander Godunov, Cyd Charise, Leslie Caron, and others in the entertainment industry. “My love and enthusiasm for ballet remain the drivers of my focus in teaching the techniques of dance to others!”

Janice’s instructional videos include: Yoga, Mat Pilates, and Ballet Barre. She says, “Age is not an obstacle.”

Visit Janice at: https://janicelennard.com/