Abi Morgan is an Emmy winning British playwright and screenwriter known for her works such as Sex Traffic and The Hour, and the films Brick Lane, The Iron Lady, Shame and Suffragette. She had wanted to be an actor like her mother and sister but, “My mother came to see me in a play when I was a student and afterwards I asked her what she thought. She said: ‘Honest opinion? No.’

When asked if she experiences sexism in her daily life she says, “Of course I am aware that there is a level of sexism in any large institution, but I find in television and film most of the producers are women. Abi says she doesn’t experience a lot of sexism in her own life. “But I think that may be about being in an arts community. It may also be I don’t acknowledge it, I don’t allow it to exist in my world.”

“With ‘Suffragette,’ what I hope you take away is this incredible sense of the importance of our vote and how far we’ve come, but it’s still incredibly shocking when you realize that there are still so many things that we don’t have equality in. As a 21st century woman who feels like she has equality in her everyday life, and then I look at the statistics and go, ‘Oh, okay.’ The numbers still shock me.”

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